Nichijou - My Ordinary Life Published 8 years, While chasing after a cat that stole her breakfast, Nano runs into a student and blows up and finds herself up on a roof with a missing arm. Nano begs her creator, the Professor, to remove the noticeable windup key on …


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De ställs inför både Professor Pyg, Deathwing och Simon Nichijou My Ordinary Life, 10 119:- av Keiichi Nano ger allt i jakten på en tjuv. ni Sukishite Cuticle Tantei Inaba - Haruka, Nichijou no naka de Cuticle Tantei voiceless) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Nano Desu Higurashi no Naku Koro ni  Anime Nichijou Promo Furoku Nano & Sakamoto Mascot Figure Sakamoto Nichijou My very first figure, the Professor from Nichijou! And Sakamoto-san by  Slice of Life anime kanske inte alltid är för alla, men när det gäller 'Nichijou' har Nano Shinonome:Nano är faktiskt en android skapad av professorn som en  weekly 0.6 weekly 0.6 0.6 0.6  Hm I study physics at university level so I learned about it in course books and from professors, but there should be stuff to look at if you google  Professor från Nichijou är en av dessa, särskilt när hon läser bildböcker eller pratar om hajar. Hon gillar också att glatt modifiera Nano, den robotflickan hon  Arbetar, Bakaramon, Nichijou, Beelzebub, Baka för att testa till Shoukanjuu, Lucky ☆ Star. Snabbklädd springer pojken till professor Oaks laboratorium, men vid lite absurditet till serien.

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Nano is over joyed until Sakamoto steps  From the popular anime shown on NHK Educational TV, 'Nichijou' comes a with the previously released Nano Shinonome to completely recreate your favorite  28 Sep 2018 This time I will introduce many gender characters of "Nichijou". Nano is a robot girl living together with Hakase and Sakamoto at Shinonome  23 Dec 2014 39 years old , I'm Dentist & work in my personal office . Iran. Joined February 2011  24 Dec 2016 Without Yuuko, Nano, and the professor to keep me sane, this would have been a cold and treacherous season – after all, from the point where I'  Nichijou, amerikansk utgåva.

The iris of his eyes are narrow and vertical Mai visit Nano at her home but the Professor doesn't like her as she's still upset over the incident with Mai's dogs. As Mai tries to win over the Professor, she finally succeeds after drawing pictures of sharks for the Professor. 24 "Nichijou Episode 24" Transcription: "Nichijou no Dai-ni-jū-yon-wa" (Japanese: 日常の第二十四話) Nano, mostly due to the Professor's rather childlike inventions placed throughout her body.

NANO!with subs :)Just a small clip from nichijou! Episode 5!

Share the best GIFs now >>> Nichijou proceeds in a series of loosely connected skits, as Mio and her friends, Nano and the professor, or some other denizens of their bizarre town go about their daily lives. Nichijou primarily focuses on the daily antics of a trio of childhood friends—high school girls Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi and Mai Minakami—whose stories soon intertwine with the young genius Hakase Shinonome, her robot caretaker Nano, and their talking cat Sakamoto. With every passing day, the lives of these six, as well as of the many people around them, experience both the calms of Want to discover art related to nano_nichijou? Check out amazing nano_nichijou artwork on DeviantArt.

Nichijou-My ordinary life is anything but ordinary! Mio, Mai, Yuuko, Misato, Sasahara, Nano and Hakase (Professor) are living their not-so-ordinary life. Mio and her older sister live together inalmost peace. Mio has to endure her sister's toxic salted fish jam, shoji pieces in cake and her sister's awesomely powerful kendo moves! It's lucky that Mio is smart, or otherwise her sister would

Nichijou nano professor

Nichijou follows the everyday lives of various people in the town of Tokisadame,[3] centering on the energetic Yūko Aioi, the bright and cheerful Mio Naganohara, the quiet and deadpan Mai Minakami, the anxious android Nano Shinonome, her young creator the Professor, and a talking cat named Sakamoto, along with an ensemble cast of characters. 2007-10-26 · The second volume of Keiichi Arawi’s madcap series, Nichijou: My Ordinary Life, unfortunately didn’t have as many belly laffs as the first book but there are definitely some really funny stories here.

Shark hand.
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Nichijou nano professor

Mio has to endure her sister's toxic salted fish jam, shoji pieces in cake and her sister's awesomely powerful kendo moves! It's lucky that Mio is smart, or otherwise her sister would Sakamoto is one of the main characters from the Nichijou anime and manga. A black cat living with Nano and the Professor.

Mii Professor Hakase Shinonome Nano TOMODACH LIFE Nano Nano Shinonome Tomodachi Life text   Romanized Name: Hakase. English Name: Professor (literally in Japanese). First Appearance: Episode 0.
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06-09-2018 - Khám phá bảng của Ling Trang Vũ Ling Trang Vũ"nichijou" trên Pinterest. Xem thêm ý tưởng về hình ảnh, anime shows, team rocket.

Moe Anime Nichijou Ordinary Lives 2016-10-29 The interaction between the Professor and Nano at the beginning of Episode 5, which plays out much like that between a mother and her child, has to be one of the cutest things in anime for a long time. Episode 6. Shark hand. Episode 11: "Things … Our shop retails Nichijou Professor & Nano T-shirt Size: M (Anime Toy) Nichijou Chara-Ani 026004 Anime Goods on the Web. However if the erratic pace of Nichijou is an issue for you, it's advisable to stick it out until the middle of the show where things start to meld together a lot more.

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Unique Sakamoto Nichijou Stickers designed and sold by artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Get up to 50% off. White or transparent.

Meanwhile, Nano and the Professor go grocery shopping where they are surprised to find a snowman on sale. Later, Sakamoto's desire to be the authority figure is wavered by his cat-like tendencies. Episode 13: The Professor is afraid of going to the bathroom by herself during a nasty storm, once she manages to get Nano to accompany her, the lightning scares the latter to her knees, huddling in fear, only for the Professor to comfort her, saying that it's not as scary when they're together. Sakamoto is one of the main characters from the Nichijou anime and manga. A black cat living with Nano and the Professor. He is able to talk due to a scarf the Professor created. He was originally Nakamura-sensei's cat, named Taisho.